Saturday, December 29, 2012

JANUARY 2013 EVENTS --Episcopal Visit & Theophany Celebrations

Sat. Jan. 5th THEOPHANY EVE:  This day is a FAST day

6:30 pm  Vespers & Blessing of water

 Please bring along small bottles for carrying blessed water home. 

Sun. Jan. 6th THEOPHANY

NO Church School or Matins today

Please arrive BEFORE 9:30 so that we may officially greet Bishop IRENEE

9:30 AM Greeting of Bishop & Hierarchical Liturgy

Lunch will follow (bring a little extra food for visitors!) , and then we will proceed to the parking lot on Allard Crescent at 



meanwhile, please contact Fr. Lawrence to have your home blessed during the Theophany season. Leaflets explaining what is needed are available in the narthex.