Saturday, September 28, 2013

St. Herman's October 2013 Special Events

SAT. OCT. 19TH  NOON--  Prosphora baking workshop in the hall.

Choir rehearsal will continue as usual in the church at the same time.

SAT. OCT. 26TH   Event at church for dads and kids-- details TBA


FR. LAWRENCE will be on VACATION Tues Oct. 22nd to Sat. Nov. 2nd. 

During his absence, Fr. Richard Rene will serve liturgy & be available for emergency needs ONLY that require a priest.

Wed. & Sat. Vespers will continue as usual, either served by Fr. Richard, Dn. Gregory, or readers of the parish.

Fr. Richard Rene 604-385-4188

Dn. Gregory Wright 604-534-3994