Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 9th Announcements

This Week:    Lenten services 6:30 pm:

Wed. Mar. 12th-  PreSanctified Liturgy
                       /Lenten Meal

Fri. Mar. 14th-   PreSanctified Liturgy              
                      /Lenten meal

*****  Please fast from mid-day for communion
at PreSanctified liturgies  *****

***Fr. Lawrence will be visiting his father in hospital in Toronto March 11th-18th. In his absence Fr. Richard will continue services***

About Confessions: 
The usual time for confessions at St. Herman’s is after Saturday vespers; if this is not possible for you, please arrange another time with Fr. Lawrence. Just before Sunday liturgy is not a convenient or appropriate time. 

OCA guidelines suggest confession around every six weeks, but everyone may confess as often as they wish. The fasting periods of the church are particulary appropriate times.
Plan not to leave your Lenten confession till the last minute!

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