Sunday, April 19, 2015

Upcoming events April-May

NO catechumen class while Fr. Lawrence is on Vacation April 20th - May 9th


Wed. & Sat. 6:30 pm Vespers - Reader or Deacon  

    Sunday April 26th  -- Fr. Richard Rene substituting at Liturgy

    Sunday May 3rd --Obednitsa & Communion from  Reserved Gifts-                                                  served by Deacon Gregory  Wright

Tuesdays May 19 & 26 Abbotsford Dinner & Study 


IN EMERGENCY while Fr. Lawrence is on vacation:  Please contact

Dn. Gregory Wright 604-500-8905

 Parish Council President Sava Duran 604-835-0739

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Thomas Sunday blessing of Graves

On Sunday April 19th Thomas Sunday afternoon we will be blessing the graves of several of our departed members and singing some Paschal music at Valleyview cemetery in Surrey. Vivian Hartley, Edith Lorraine Gavriel, and Horst (Christos) Arnekker are all interred at this location; please let Fr. Lawrence know if you know of any others.

We will depart the church immediately after lunch and meet at Valleyview's main administrative building before proceeding to the graves. The easiest route is shown in blue on this Google map.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


PALM SUNDAY  April 5th    
NO catechumen class after lunch Confessions will be heard instead 


Weekday evenings 6:30 pm

Apr.  6  Monday               Bridegroom Matins
Apr.  7  Tuesday               Bridegroom Matins
Apr.  8  Wednesday         PreSanct.  Liturgy/Lenten Meal
Apr.  9  Thursday             Passion Gospels
Apr. 10  Friday                  Shroud & Procession

Confessions after all evening services—
please come earlier in the week if possible

Apr. 11 Holy Saturday

  9:00 AM       Baptisms & St. Basil Liturgy   NO meal

11:30 PM       Paschal services & Basket blessing

Sunday April 12 PASCHA

NO morning service
4 pm Paschal vespers & Parish Barbecue