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Hartley Library Dedication at St. Herman’s Langley

Langley, BC--  Forty years of English Language parish ministry in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia are being celebrated at St. Herman’s Langley in 2016, and the first event of this exciting year took place in the parish library on January 24th.

At the end of the Sunday liturgy the clergy went in procession to the library, squeezing in with parish founder Dr. Edward (Reader Paul) Hartley and his family. Dr. Hartley’s daughters Andrea and Maria,  (son James Hartley was unfortunately absent, being out of the country at the time)  (son in law Gavin Campbell) and grandson Herman took turns hammering in the nails to mount commemorative materials on the wall, including a plaque, icon of St. Herman made for the parish by Dr. Hartley, photograph of Dr. Hartley and his late wife Vivian, and a Paschal poem written by Vivian, previously published in the Handmaiden journal for Orthodox women.

Fr. Lawrence then blessed all the family members with holy water, and the tropar to St. Herman was sung.

Dr. Edward and Vivian Hartley entered the Orthodox church with their family in the 1971,  drawn by the beauty of icons and Holy Orthodoxy’s faithfulness to the apostolic Christian faith.  They soon felt the need of an English Orthodox parish in which to raise their children and to draw others into  Orthodoxy, and in 1976 began by holding services in the chapel Dr. Hartley had built in their back yard in Surrey, BC  to hold the icons he was painting. After ten years of ups and downs and various clergy and jurisdictions, the little community came into the Archdiocese of Canada under the patronage of St. Herman of Alaska and was sent their current pastor, Fr. Lawrence Farley.

Persistence was rewarded with growth, and the Langley building now owned by the parish includes a small room off the narthex which in 2009 was converted to an Orthodox library, organized by Vivian and her daughter Andrea and decorated by Diakonissa Victoria Jordan. New books have been added year by year, including a large collection of Orthodox children’s books, and some 40 members checked out books to read at home last year. One of Ed and Vivian’s (many) godchildren, Wendy McGee, is the present librarian.

Vivian went to be with her Lord in 2013. Last fall Dr. Hartley celebrated his 80th birthday.  The Hartley family legacy in St. Herman’s parish and beyond continues and will be made known to all in the library dedication.  Memory eternal to Vivian, and Many Years, Health and Salvation to Dr. Ed, their children, grandchildren and godchildren!

n  by Mat. Donna Farley

n  Photos by Lora-Lynne Hanley

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