St. Herman's community meets primarily to: 

  • worship in the Orthodox manner at Sunday Liturgy, after which we have a 
  • pot-luck fellowship meal followed by a 
  • time of instruction for inquirers, catechumens, and anyone else who wishes to learn more about the faith. 
Other areas of service and activity include the following: 
  • PARISH COUNCIL works with the Rector to conduct the business of the Church Community. At present we are working on a building project to create a new, roomier and fully Orthodox temple for our growing parish community
  • ALTAR SERVERS assist the clergy with their liturgical work and keep the altar, iconostasis and candlestands clean and tidy
  • READERS are under the direction of the priest and deacon to read the epistle and chant verses
  • CHOIR leads the congregation in liturgical worship. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed.  BELL-RINGERS are also organized under the choir. Choir also runs an apprenticeship program for children capable of meeting requirements.  
  • CLEANUP CREW leads the entire community in cleaning up the hall and nave after major services & meals
  • DIAKONIA CHARITY (Greek for "service") collects funds and  goods for local  and international groups e.g. Salvation Army "Gateway of Hope" and "Doctors Without Borders", as well as supporting the local food bank.  Collections are made every Sunday for the food bank in the basket in the prothesis chapel at the front of the church, and taken to the food bank afterward.  Needed items for the homeless are collected in the bin in the narthex
  • MEALS FOR HOMEBOUND, prepared and delivered by volunteers to new mothers, those recovering from hospital stays etc. in the parish. 
  •  BOOKSTORE offering quality Orthodox books, icons and other church goods at good prices.  
  • THREE HIERARCHS/Hartley family LENDING LIBRARY has a collection of mostly Orthodox material, not always easy to find in general libraries or book stores.  We have a large selection of Orthodox children's books for use in the church building or at home. Members must sign out books and sign them back in on return. 
  • FELLOWSHIP Men's and women's gatherings take place occasionally on site at the church or in the homes of various parishioners.  See  our Google calendar  for details
  • PROSPHORA MAKERS provide the bread for weekly & special services
  • CHURCH DECORATION provides flowers, candles etc. as appropriate for particular services
  • CHURCH SCHOOL for 8 and under runs during Matins; for 9 and up during lunch hour. Several times a year there are all-day Saturday events as well. 
  • ABBOTSFORD DINNER & STUDY at a parishioner's home, monthly or bimonthly on a Tuesday as announced