Saturday, December 20, 2014

House blessings continue this month!

House blessings after Theophany: 
Please contact Fr. Lawrence 604-588-6166 
to arrange a time. 

We encourage you to co-ordinate with other members
 who live near you, so as to share fellowship time and  complete several house blessings  at the same time. 


How should I prepare for my house to be blessed?

1. Have the lights on and doors open in the rooms to be blessed (not the washrooms or storage spaces)
2. Turn off TV, radio and other electronic distractions
3. Prepare a table in the main room(preferably in the icon corner) and on it the following:

  •        an icon with candle lit before it
  •        a bowl containing holy water

  •        lists of names of those you wish to pray for (living/departed)
If you have no holy water, the priest will supply some.

What will happen in the service of blessing?

1. When the family is gathered round the icon, the priest will begin with Trisagion prayers. Please join in with the Our Father
2. The priest will sing the tropar for Theophany; please join in(printed on the back of this leaflet).
3. The priest will pray the blessing prayer; the people respond “Amen”
4. A family member carrying the lit candle leads the priest to one room after another, where he sprinkles Holy Water. All follow in procession, singing the tropar repeatedly.
5. After all the rooms are blessed, the procession returns to the icon corner for the dismissal.