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Our resource page features books authored by our priest Father Lawrence Farley, as well as other spiritual leaders within the Orthodox Church. These works will not only provide you with valuable insights into the faith but also foster a deeper understanding of its profound teachings, practices, and the lived experiences of its adherents.

Essential Orthodox Christian Beliefs
A Manual for Adult Instruction

Downloadable instructional publication about the Orthodox faith for Adults. Our parish priest, Fr. Lawrence Farley, is a major contributor to this long-awaited project from the departments of the Orthodox Church in America

Library and Bookstore available in the Parish

  • Three Hierarchs/Hartley family Lending Library has a collection of mostly Orthodox material, not always easy to find in general libraries or book stores. We have a large selection of Orthodox children's books for use in the church building or at home. Members must sign out books and sign them back in on return.

  • Parish Bookstore offers quality Orthodox books, icons and other church goods at good prices.

Books by Father
Ortho Blogs
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