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Altar Table Icons

For those many who worship in the nave of the Church and not in the altar, here are the carvings on our altar table, the kind gift of our friends at Holy Transfiguration Hermitage at Lone Butte, B.C., the work of Brother Moses.

The front panel shows a Deisis icon. The Deisis (the Greek word for “supplication”) traditionally is an image of Christ enthroned, being entreated by His Mother and St. John the Forerunner, embodiments of the saints of the New and Old Testaments. As well as the Theotokos and the Forerunner, the panel also contains images of St. Herman of Alaska and St. Nicholas (the latter being the patron of our church in the days of its pre-history).

The side panels portray St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great, the saints to whom are ascribed the Liturgies used in the Orthodox Church.

Our thanks to Brother Moses and all the kind fathers of his monastic community for their wonderful gift!

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